In 2002 I acquired the original Sacred Geometry drawing for Love and Prosperity. Ten years later, we had Computer-Aided Design (CAD drawings) created. On October 26, 2012 we successfully used our Laser to engrave the Sacred Geometry into optical quality fused quartz crystal.

Benefits: Sacred Geometry is said to increases the flow of creativity, prosperity, positivity and Love. Through its highest magnetizing nature and qualities, it helps to fulfill your material or spiritual desires by blessing you powerfully with its energy.

How to Use: We encourage owners of our Technologies to carry the Crystal to work and upon returning home, place it back on top of the IQubes while de-charging their daily stress. By keeping it in your office it will enhance the positive energy fields and create a peaceful working atmosphere. It can enhance your creativity, clarity and communication. It will also help to peacefully resolve internal or group related conflicts. The energetic field that is emanated will protect your business and make your work more successful.

We highly recommend placing your Sacred Geometry crystal into a glass at night, add water and upon rising in the morning drink the water. We all know that water has memory. We will leave the potential benefits of drinking this Divinely stimulated water to your personal discovery. We have also used the Sacred Geometry crystal with coffee and tea. We recently created a beautiful 1.5 inch crystal which fits perfectly into water bottles.

Directions for Home and Office Placement: Placing the Sacred Geometry on a West or South wall of your home harmonizes, purifies and raises the vibration of the entire space. You can choose to have it in your living area, bedroom, meditation space or in your office. It has an uplifting effect wherever it is placed. Even without being aware of its unique significance, the Sacred Geometry raises the vibration and consciousness. Through its magnetizing qualities it supports everyone living or working there and blesses them with success, prosperity, abundance, wealth and health.

Style Options: We are making pendants using fused quartz crystal, clear acrylic and clear mirror acrylic. We have engraved larger sizes in clear Acrylic for mounting on windows. We are using clear mirror acrylic for charging water and food. We are also making Sacred Geometry that can be attached to the car window for further support and protection. Please visit this web site frequently to see our latest work. It is difficult to photograph the clear Sacred Geometry, but at 1000 dpi they are flawless. Modern technology has perfected these great drawings and made them available and affordable for everyone. (FYI- Our computer screens run at 72dpi while high resolution photo's run between 200 and 300dpi.)



To create a new 8.5 inch Prosperity, Love Crystal at the highest dpi possible (1000 dots per inch).
It took our Professional Laser
1hr and 25 minutes to engrave this drawing. The end results are "beyond amazing".


Information about the Yantra


Information about the Yantra

Prosperity, Love, Sacred Geometry, perfect Feng Shui, Food or Liquid charger. We engraved the drawing on a 8.5" pure Acrylic Mirror - "beyond amazing" $200
We engraved the Sacred Geometry on a 6" pure Acrylic Mirror - "beyond amazing" $90

We engraved the 9" Sacred Geometry on clear Acrylic.

Auto Mirror Yantra $45

The 3 inch Auto Mirror comes with a ball chain so it is easily cut to the right length and hung over your mirror. We used clear Acrylic so your view is not restricted. Enjoy the extra energy, clarity, protection and peace of mind as you travel through life.

3" Acrylic Crystal Pendant or Charger $90

The 3" Acrylic Crystal can be worn as a pendant and used as a charging plate when food or liquids are placed on top. Try a simple test for yourself. Drink some water from a glass. Then place on top of the crystal and drink again. You will immediately experience a change in taste. Everyone of us have experienced changes in the taste of water or food when we set it on the crystal. We are looking forward to seeing what Kirlian photography will reveal.

1.5" crystal Purple Pendant $90
2" Acrylic Mirror Pendant $60

The Purple pendant is translucent and the same color and material as the purple headband. The pendants come with a 1.5" engraved pure crystal.The Pendants come in White, Purple, Blue and Black. We added a silver jump ring which will allow you to mount the pendants on any of your neck chains.

Headband Holder with Fused Crystal
Headband with 2" Sacred Geometry engraved on Acrylic Mirror

The octagon headband holder comes with a 2" Sacred Geometry Crystal installed. We ship the octagon headband with an attach elastic band to hold the drwaing over the third eye while working or meditating. The pure crystal can be removed from the headband and carried in the pocket or purse and used as desired. The headband crystal holders come in White, Purple, Blue and Black.

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2.5" x 1/4" Prosperity, Love drawing - pure Fused Quartz $150

2.0" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing - pure Fused Quartz $125
1.5" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing - pure Fused Quartz $85
Headband with 2" Prosperity, Love drawing - Acrylic mirror "beyond amazing" $85
2.0" Prosperity, Love drawing  - Acrylic mirror "beyond amazing" $60
3.0" Prosperity, Love drawing Pendant/Charger - Acrylic mirror "beyond amazing" $75
9" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing Wall or Window Mount - clear Acrylic $100
6" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing Wall or Window Mount - clear Acrylic $75
3" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing for Car or Truck - clear Acrylic $45
6" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing Wall mount or food charger - Acrylic mirror "beyond amazing" $90
8.5" x 1/8" Prosperity, Love drawing Wall mount or food charger - Acrylic Mirror "beyond amazing" $200

*We use Fused Quartz to create our crystal Prosperity, Love drawings. - Fused quartz is manufactured by fusing (melting) naturally occurring quartz crystals of high purity at approximately 2000 °C. This results in a full spectrum transparent glass with an ultra-high purity and improved optical transmission in the deep ultraviolet. The optical and thermal properties of fused quartz are superior to those of other types of glass due to its purity. For these reasons, it finds use in situations such as semiconductor fabrication and laboratory equipment. It has better ultraviolet transmission than most other glasses, and so is used to make lenses and other optics for the ultraviolet spectrum. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion also makes it a useful material for precision mirror substrates.

*We use pure Acrylic Mirror or Pure Clear Acrylic as an alternative to create our drawings. We have found that the Acrylic mirrors reflective properties have added an additional power and quality to the drawing. We have engraved normal household mirrors but found them lacking in the higher purity and bandwidth that is found in the Acrylic Mirrors. The pure clear acrylic is perfect for window Yantra's. Transparency - In colorless form acrylic plastic is as transparent as the finest optical glass.